Jo Roberts

Secrets for becoming a better presenter

Whether it’s honing a brand message, delivering marketing results to the board or a public speaking task, presentation skills are a valuable skill for marketers. Marketers who have mastered the art give us their top techniques.

Fujitsu’s marketing director on aiming for the boardroom

Simon Carter Fujitsu

Marketing Week Live 2014 includes sessions to help marketers develop the persuasive skills needed to talk to the top table. Simon Carter, Fujitsu marketing director and member of Marketing Week’s Vision 100, discusses why marketing should be represented on the board and how to get there.

Death of the CMO?


Are CMOs about to be kicked out of the boardroom? That’s what one academic is predicting, but unsurprisingly top marketers disagree.

Safeguarding the customer’s interest


Marketers need to do more to quell the opinion that all financial services providers are as bad as each other, because despite consumers’ low opinion of the brands, they are not bothering to switch.

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