Lou Cooper


A brave new world

Lou Cooper

As the UK economy shows signs of confidence, now is an opportune time for brands to consider overseas expansion. BRIC countries may seem the most obvious route, but other fast-growing markets could be a better prospect.


How to be good

Lou Cooper

In the wake of recent scandals to hit brands, public demand for businesses to operate ethically, openly and shoulder to shoulder with society has intensified. Now new research shows which brands make the grade in consumers’ eyes.


Wired for sound

Lou Cooper

Sonic identity: What we hear when experiencing a brand is key to forming a positive opinion of it, according to research, and many brands are now using sound to their advantage.


Privacy: For whose eyes only?

Lou Cooper

With new UK and EU regulations on the way and services that throw wide brands’ customer information collecting and sharing practices, transparent data strategies are becoming a major differentiator in the pursuit of consumers