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Q&A with Kraft’s top European marketer

Lucy Handley

With Kraft announcing recently that it would split its business in two, with Kraft Foods Europe forming part of the global snacks division of the company, the company’s European vice president of marketing, Daryl Fielding, explains her new approach to managing her brands. MW: How does marketing work at Kraft? DF: We look at deep […]


Culture of openness gets the thumbs up

Lucy Handley

It’s important to be popular. But in an era where marketers are aiming to turn their Facebook ’likes’ into hard cash, being seen as genuine and believable is more important than ever. This new ’affinity economy’ must be leveraged by brands, according to a new theory called Likeonomics. Rohit Bhargava, senior vice president in the […]


Changing perceptions of the Paralympic brand

Lucy Handley

Check out our cover feature on the compelling brand opportunity for those that have bought into the Paralympic spirit, here To find out why Sainsbury’s is sponsoring solely the Paralympics, click here For the games by numbers, click here To see 2012 sponsor adverts, click here There is still a job to do to change […]


Paralympics is no leap of faith for 2012 sponsors

Lucy Handley

To find out why Sainsbury’s is sponsoring solely the Paralympics, click here For the games by numbers, click here To read about the perception of the Paralympics brand, click here To see 2012 sponsor adverts, click here The organisers of London 2012 are selling it as a Games of equal halves, but sponsors that buy […]


Bringing Polaroid into sharper focus

Lucy Handley

The iconic eyewear brand lost its way in the 1990s, but is revitalising itself. With the move to 3D technology and Lada Gaga as creative director, Chris Knight says marketing must do much of the work.

Online retailers beat bricks and mortar customer service

Lucy Handley

It is strange to think that a website could provide better customer service than a human being, but as as a recent Marketing Week feature on multi-channel marketing shows, letting people shop how and where they want can provide a better service to them overall. This week’s cover feature on online retailer Asos, which is […]


Too posh to push direct?

Lucy Handley

Luxury brands have traditionally steered clear of direct marketing in a belief that it is for the mainstream only. Butsome are giving it a try – to splendid results. Premium and luxury brands are often accused of keeping consumers at arm’s length, with marketing focused on glossy print ads in high-end magazines promoting a glamorous […]

Waitrose aims to be fit and sexy

Lucy Handley

John Lewis has been the subject of much comment in the press recently, following on from remarks marketing director Craig Inglis made to Marketing Week where he said he has more to do to make sure the retailer becomes the “most trusted and loved” retail brand in Britain. He also suggested that he wants to […]


Brand is powerhouse of business success

Lucy Handley

Millward Brown’s BrandZ top 100 global brands demonstrates what great marketing can do. The brands on the list have increased in value by more than 64% since the ranking started five years ago, whereas the S&P 500 companies’ value has decreased overall, as MaryLou Costa’s feature explains. Toyota, a business that has been beset with […]


Viewpoint: Lucy Handley: Marketing Week feature writer

Lucy Handley

Find out how Ashley Stockwell the Virgin Group powerhouse of 20 years plans to build a new brand from scratch in his new role at Global Ethics, here Learn more about Stockwell’s 18-month plan to drive the success of the One brand in our Q&A, click here Consumers don’t want heavy emotion and imagery that […]