Louise Jack

BBC seeks partners for its magazines business

Louise Jack

The BBC is seeking a partner for the magazines division of its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, a move that is likely to rule out an outright sale of the business. BBC Worldwide has appointed KPMG to help it find a partner for the magazine business, although no details have been given on the shape of the deal.

Police, camera, reaction

Louise Jack

Police forces across the UK are using a variety of old and new media channels to run marketing campaigns that aim to raise public confidence in their performance.

Make online ads work harder

Louise Jack

A new study reveals there has been a 40% decline in people paying attention to ads on major portal sites compared with last year. But that doesn’t mean that surfers are ignoring online ads altogether.

Nurofen makes emotional appeal

Louise Jack

When competing on price with own-label painkillers became an incurable headache for marketleading analgesic Nurofen, the brand broke convention in the sector by using emotional appeal.

Jones is working with Kofi Annan to raise awareness of climate change

Man on a mission

Louise Jack

He’s the man who is marketing our potential future prime minister. But Havas’ David Jones has many missions, as Louise Jack finds out

3D technology takes us closer

Louise Jack

3D technology is coming on in leaps and bounds, and filmgoers are captivated by its ability to make them feel part of the action. A growing number of brands and properties are preparing to turn the trend to their advantage.

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