Lara O'Reilly

On SoundCloud

SoundCloud introduces ads

Lara O'Reilly

Music streaming service SoundCloud is introducing advertising and subscriptions for the first time as it looks to monetise the 350 million people the platform reaches each month.

Samsung Rainbow

Samsung launches tablet art installation

Lara O'Reilly

Samsung has launched an art installation on London’s Southbank comprised entirely of Galaxy Tab S devices, a demonstration of the company attempting to make its marketing touch points “more surprising, rewarding and interesting” as it continues its journey to become the “most loved brand”.

Twitter Promoted Video

Twitter introduces Promoted Video

Lara O'Reilly

Twitter is trialling a new ad format, Promoted Video, which will allow brands to extend the reach of their video content on Twitter and measure the effectiveness of the content as the site looks to open up revenue opportunities from the growing video advertising market.

Computer Mouse

IAB nears standard metric for video ad views

Lara O'Reilly

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is pencilling a Q4 release for a set of guidelines that will state the length of a video ad a user needs to have seen before it can qualify as an impression as the trade body looks to make buying inventory across the web comparable with more traditional media.

Twitter logo

Twitter admits 8.5% of its users are bots

Lara O'Reilly

Twitter has admitted that as much as 8.5 per cent of its userbase – some 23 million accounts – are bots which automatically ping the site with updates, but the company has also revealed that more human users are seeing ads served on the site than originally thought.