Laura Snoad

Laura Snoad

Growth in tablet ownership demands clever engagement thinking

Laura Snoad

It’s difficult to step onto a bus, tube carriage or train without spotting an iPad or other tablet device nestling in the hands of at least one commuter. And with tablets growing in popularity, there is a great opportunity for brands, as owners of these pieces of technology tend to spend more money online than […]

Laura Snoad

Can brands boost depleted consumer confidence?

Laura Snoad

As the country’s eyes turn toward 10 Downing Street today awaiting the contents of George Osborne’s red briefcase, consumers will be keen to hear how the Governments raft of financial plans will benefit them. And with good reason. According to research published by Which? yesterday, 55% of consumers feel that their household is worse off […]


Corporate hospitality for London 2012

Laura Snoad

Brands line up for the longer run: The economic environment has spurred a change of pace for hospitality programmes around this summer’s Games, with public inclusivity and long-term benefits now the goal.

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Can marketing overcome its trust issues?

Laura Snoad

With the public’s perception of marketers being that they are no more than spin doctors for their brands, Marketing Week asks senior figures in the industry how they would give the function a more positive image.

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Breaking into Brazil

Laura Snoad

Brands wishing to conquer the Brazilian market need to connect with its 192 million population via the mobile internet – plus sprinkle a strong local flavour into their marketing communications.


Profile: Christa Carone, CMO, Xerox

Laura Snoad

Taking personal control of mission redefinition: If anyone can, Xerox chief marketing officer Christa Carone can make the brand’s communications strategy more relevant to its customers and shift ingrained perceptions about the business.

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