Laura Snoad


Remapping marketing to the changing consumer brain

Laura Snoad

Our brains are rewiring in response to the trend for consuming several media simultaneously, say scientists. This has far-reaching implications for marketers, who must find ways to grab the attention of a new type of consumer, who, while a natural multi-tasker, has a much shorter attention span.


Lucasfilm tells how the Star Wars saga continues to reach new fans

Laura Snoad

It is six years since the last Star Wars film tied up the space saga, but Lucasfilm continues to reach new fans and stay relevant. Laura Snoad asks its president of licensing Howard Roffman how the franchise keeps striking back. Marketing Week (MW): How can you keep the Star Wars brand relevant to new generations? […]


How to give your image makeover mass appeal

Laura Snoad

What’s in a name? Your brand’s reputation if a change in identity fails to win over consumers. Laura Snoad learns how marketers have successfully rebranded their companies and the pitfalls to avoid. Rebranding may offer the carrot of greater recognition and new interest from customers, but its ability to cause anger as Royal Mail’s brief […]


Smart set of wheels

Laura Snoad

Sophisticated data processing technologies are enabling mid-range car brands to emulate the luxury marques with systems that make the driving experience easier and safer.


Building appeal is all a matter of child’s play

Laura Snoad

Having less spare cash is prompting today’s parents to rethink the toys they buy for their children, with trusted brands that offer longevity and encourage imaginative play topping their list. While the economy may have slumped, the UK toy industry is as lively as ever. But with less money to spend, parents are gravitating towards […]