Mary-Louise Clews


Grocery sales bounce lifts Tesco

Mary-Louise Clews

Tesco’s turnaround plan is showing signs of working as industry data shows its sales performance improving in a month when the supermarket sector registers growth at a rate almost twice the previous period.

Procter Gamble

P&G to raise £16m to boost youth sport

Mary-Louise Clews

FMCG giant Procter & Gamble has announced it will donate an extra $25m (£16m) raised via portions of its product sales to support youth sport around the world as the next step in its ten year corporate partnership with the International Olympics Committee (IOC).

rihanna nivea

Rihanna slur triggers Nivea PR scramble

Mary-Louise Clews

The new head of Nivea parent company Beiersdorf appears to have announced fresh marketing strategy to the German press before its international marketing and PR teams after telling a reporter that its brand ambassador, pop singer Rihanna, is a ‘no-go’ for the ‘family’ brand.


Samaritans to revamp brand

Mary-Louise Clews

The charity says it discovered it had departed from the initial vision of Samaritans founder Chad Varah as part of a two year review process and wants to widen its appeal and redefine its role for a modern audience.