MaryLou Costa

Features Writer

No longer the dumb waiter

MaryLou Costa

A new approach to franchises is gathering sway that treats the relationship less like a ’master and servant’ set-up and more like a marriage of equal sides. Giving franchisees more input can have its pitfalls, but brands are finding the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Back to the future

MaryLou Costa

A look back into the past can offer insight that brands can draw inspiration from. Some, like French tyre company Michelin, are using their marketing heritage to drive them into new territory.

Put your brand in hands of mother

MaryLou Costa

The campaigning clout of mums on parenting websites is widely documented in the media but their power is spreading to influence people’s purchasing decisions – opening up marketing potential for brands that can find the right approach in.

T Mobile advert filming in Trafalgar Square

Bride vows to carry on regardless

MaryLou Costa

T-Mobile spent 2009 gathering consumers together in public spaces for “spontaneous” dancing and mass karaoke sessions. But despite this high-profile marketing, the news that it would merge with fellow mobile brand Orange into a super-network has raised questions over whether the T-Mobile name will continue to exist in the long term.


Young marketers’ leadership strategies

MaryLou Costa

Find out why ’brand me’ is your winning career move, click here For the The Marketing Academy’s power players’ leadership tips from the top, click here Marketing Week speaks to four Marketing Academy scholars about their personal game plans. Be confident but humble Paul Ridsdale, 32, head of marketing, ITV My own leadership brand is […]


So how are you feeling? Answers on a postcard to Dave

MaryLou Costa

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he wants to measure the nation’s happiness levels, but what exactly is he going to do with this information? David Cameron’s announcement two weeks ago that the Office for National Statistics will launch a “happiness” index from next April has attracted a mix of positive feedback as well as […]

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