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Functional foods must address a genuine consumer health need

MaryLou Costa

An episode of South Park I saw recently made fun of the Subway promotion which saw Jared, an everyday overweight American man, slim down to half his size by eating Subway sandwiches. The episode rather obnoxiously saw the cartoon Jared reveal that he only ate two low fat Subway sandwiches each day – rather than […]

Refreshed creativity at Nokia

MaryLou Costa

Click here to read the cover feature – an exclusive look at the secrets behind Nokia’s “marketing revolution” Read about how Charmaine Eggbury, senior vice-president of marketing and marketplace activation, is a champion of talent development and mentoring Nokia’s global director of digital, Craig Hepburn, talks about matching insight with innovation Who’s who at Nokia […]


New growth at Nokia

MaryLou Costa

Voice of youth at hub of mobile revolution: senior executives talk to Marketing Week about the launch of the Lumia smartphone and how they hope it will set the seal on the company’s reinvention as a youthful brand.


New home service brands can play to people staying in

MaryLou Costa

With the consumer trend to cut back by staying in continuing, entrepreneurial brands are catering to this audience – literally. M&S chief Marc Bolland revealed a piece of insight today that could prove lucrative to the brands that are listening and responding. He was quoted in The Daily Telegraph predicting that consumers would maintain their […]


Giving context to calorie information

MaryLou Costa

There’s a time and place for guiltily tucking into a McDonald’s meal. Understanding that time andplace will be made easier as food brands are more forthcoming about presenting calorie information.McDonald’s is adding calorific content information to its menus for customers, just as the Governmentannounces that British people need to shave 100 calories a day off […]