MaryLou Costa

Features Writer


Giving context to calorie information

MaryLou Costa

There’s a time and place for guiltily tucking into a McDonald’s meal. Understanding that time andplace will be made easier as food brands are more forthcoming about presenting calorie information.McDonald’s is adding calorific content information to its menus for customers, just as the Governmentannounces that British people need to shave 100 calories a day off […]


Why ‘brand me’ is your winning career move

MaryLou Costa

To read what four Marketing Academy scholars say about their personal game plans, click here For the The Marketing Academy’s power players’ leadership tips from the top, click here Former commandant Major General Arthur Denaro – the man who took 44,000 UN troops into battle in the Balkans in the 1990s – has the medals […]


Brands must make dealing with data after death an easy process

MaryLou Costa

Alongside all your worldly possessions, leaving all your internet passwords in your will is set to become the norm. According to a survey released last week by Goldsmiths at the University of London, 10% of people in the UK are now doing so. Reasons stem initially from easing the emotional pain for loved ones, and […]


Using research in moderation has paid off for Green and Blacks

MaryLou Costa

A combination of applied research and killer insights has helped shape the success of the Green and Blacks brand. Those killer insights that have fuelled the brand made a talk I saw by former marketing director and non executive director Mark Palmer at the Marketing Academy Boot Camp yesterday a very interesting one indeed, and […]


Secondhand is becoming as popular as new

MaryLou Costa

How can brands benefit from an increasingly frugal consumers’ desire to buy secondhand? Buying secondhand goods is no longer a shameful habit. It no longer needs to be hidden away like a kid in denial that most items in your wardrobe are hand-me-downs from elder siblings. For today’s cash strapped consumer, cleverly tracking down a […]

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