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Set your insights on the Essex phenomenon

MaryLou Costa

The Only Way is Essex might not be for everyone, but its growing popularity is opening up more lucrative marketing opportunities. Marketers and planners looking at the TV landscape can’t have failed to notice the juggernaut that is The Only Way is Essex. It doesn’t take a lot of research budget to analyse the stats […]


The new copycats

MaryLou Costa

Don’t fall prey to the new wave of copycats: As brands develop strategies and tools to deal with an increasingly sophisticated trade in black market goods, MaryLou Costa discovers that the success of any anti-fraud activity relies on effective marketing.


Interest rate in male beauty brands rises

MaryLou Costa

Brands that invest in grooming products exclusively for the men’s market stand to increase spending levels in this under-developed but fast-growing sector, according to research seen by Marketing Week. Cult ITV2 programme The Only Way Is Essex has not only put fake tan and big hair on the grooming agenda for women, but it has […]


Unicef’s attack on brands should inspire, not discourage

MaryLou Costa

Yet another report has been released disparaging brands for causing families to end up in a “materialistic trap”, but are brands really at fault? Today’s report from Unicef and Ipsos Mori claiming that brands’ influence in the UK is adversely impacting family life can be added to the pile of literature pointing the blame at […]


What will the LSE’s riots research amount to?

MaryLou Costa

The scale of the LSE and Guardian’s riots study is impressive, but can brands turn the insights into action? Analysing 2.5 million riot-related Tweets, along with potential surveys and interviews of up to 1,100 convicted rioters, will be no easy task. But the London School of Economics and The Guardian newspaper will use this information […]


Money can buy happiness, in the short term at least

MaryLou Costa

Consumer confidence may have plummeted to an all-time low, according to recent data from Gfk NOP, but a sneak peek at one of the features in our next issue casts somewhat of a light on the never-ending gloom. Next week we’ll be exclusively featuring a look at the ’Happiness Exchange’, a survey of 25-year-olds conducted […]


Back to school means a chance to rethink teen marketing

MaryLou Costa

Traditional back to school marketing revolves around offers on backpack and lunchbox items, but new insight from the National Schools Partnership shows teachers are crying out for brands to do so much more. There is no escaping those awkward teenage years when budding schoolyard romances were thwarted by the demons of puberty – spots, breaking […]


Universities enrol for a marketing masterclass

MaryLou Costa

To find out more about brands as education providers, click here Get the inside view from our Q&A with Exeter University’s marketing and communications director, here New opportunities are opening up for marketers as public, private and brand-backed vocational higher education providers call on their skills to help them generate additional income. The introduction of […]


Brands as Education Providers

MaryLou Costa

Could marketers find their most rewarding jobs in the changing education sector? Find out here Get the inside view from our Q&A with Exeter University’s marketing and communications director, here Brands have been moving into the higher education sector for some time. Department store Harrods now offers an honours degree in sales with Anglia Ruskin […]


Can colleges leverage the “stay-ducation” trend?

MaryLou Costa

Is “stay-ducation” going to be the new buzzword in university offerings? As this year’s university undergraduate intake is set to be the last under the old fee system, will there be a growing demand for a “stay-ducation” model to curb rising costs? Stay-ducation means people staying at home or in their local area to study […]


Something new from an old flame

MaryLou Costa

Faced with a growing crackdown on smoking, the iconic lighter brand is using its rugged, adventurous but trusted characteristics to extend its product lines. The Zippo lighter has a CV to rival the most seasoned Hollywood actor. It has starred in more than 1200 TV shows, theatre performances and films including Die Hard, Indiana Jones […]