Morag Cuddeford-Jones

Jamie Oliver

Finding your social niche

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

This is the year of the niche social media site, say some major brands, because they offer the chance to show different sides of a brand’s personality away from the on-brand messaging of Facebook and Twitter.


Control of all event traffic at your fingertips

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

As more brands investigate the possibilities offered by smartphone apps and QR codes, Morag Cuddeford Jones investigates how they could transform the exhibitions industry. Developments in mobile technology promise to help brands stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and trade shows. Companies such as CrowdCompass in the US and GenieMobile’s EventGenie are cutting through […]


How to repair a reputation left in shreds?

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

The public’s trust in the British media has been shattered, according to research seen exclusively by Marketing Week. Can Fleet Street drag itself out of the gutter? asks Morag Cuddeford Jones Nearly three-quarters of the British public say their trust in the UK media has been damaged by allegations of illegal phone hacking that led […]


Tis the season for christmas sales strategy

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

Consumers bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to come earlier each year. So do brands get any real benefit from getting out the holly and mistletoe before the barbeque sets have been put away? When two of the highest profile retailers in London announced in mid-July that they would shortly be opening their Christmas departments, […]


Taking brands beyond the sound barrier

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

Radio stations, both big players and new entry names, are playing with online formats to give advertisers deeper and interactive access to listeners. Morag Cuddeford Jones investigates. Radio, traditionally viewed as one of the advertising world’s more workaday resources, is undergoing something of a makeover. With the analogue radio switch-off still proposed for between 2015 […]


TV campaigns are icing on the marketing mix

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

The first fast.MAP/Marketing Week Effectiveness Tracker looking at retail brands reveals that TV campaigns only work if advertisers support them with direct marketing activity. A catchy television ad is a sure-fire way for a brand to be remembered, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to money in the bank – that is down to a solid […]