Maeve Hosea

How to build a marketing function fit for the future

Maeve Hosea

As technology evolves and consumer needs change, marketing departments require an acute focus on the right skill sets for the job. That means closing the gap between traditional marketing methods and innovative new tactics, spanning silos and building function competencies. The stakes are high.


Meet the young ringleaders

Maeve Hosea

Setting up marquees at air shows and hosting launch parties for games and cookery competitions are some of the tactics companies are using to get out and meet their target audiences of young people and their parents

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Women in the boardroom: Natural leaders

Maeve Hosea

No women have been appointed to the boards of FTSE 100 firms in the past year, yet companies with high-ranking female executives are shown to perform better. Maeve Hosea gathers advice from female high-flyers on how women can increase their chances of getting ahead


Highbrow culture

Maeve Hosea

Knowledge and cultural experiences are becoming important status symbols for the modern consumer, and brands can help their customers open the door to this kudos through collaborations with the arts. Maeve Hosea speaks to those already taking the public on a path on enlightenment.


Are leaders born or made?

Maeve Hosea

Is there a personality type which particularly suits the CMO role? Or is it more a case of obtaining the right skills? Maeve Hosea asks seven CMOs about how far they have had to change themselves to meet the challenges of the position.