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Learn about voucher opportunities at MWL

Maeve Hosea

The UK Gift Cards & Vouchers (UKGCVA) will be holding an inaugural vouchers and giftcard promotional week to take place in November 2012 and you can learn more about these marketing tools at Marketing Week Live.


Shining on the small screen

Maeve Hosea

With emails flooding peoples’ smartphone inboxes, brands need to think about the best way to cut through the distractions facing mobile users and grab their attention.


Chief marketing officer vs marketing director

Maeve Hosea

Hands on, at all levels: How does the role of a modern CMO differ from that of a marketing director? What are the main challenges faced? Just two questions Maeve Hosea posed to CMOs from various industries to build up a profile of the position.

Email inbox

Email marketing: insights from the inbox

Maeve Hosea

Despite rapidly evolving digital media, when used properly, email remains a great way to reach consumers. Maeve Hosea talks to industry experts about their strategies to make sure email communications have the desired effects.


Empathy and the magic of influence

Maeve Hosea

Some people may be blessed with natural charm, but the skill of effectively influencing decision-makers can be acquired through training and can make a dramatic difference to marketers’ success in the boardroom.


Making the digital connection

Maeve Hosea

Setting its brand apart with an experiential story, French Connection is proving that its quirky values can successfully migrate online to unlock valuable revenue streams.


Collaborate to accumulate

Maeve Hosea

Psion’s IngenuityWorking community has played a crucial role in developing its products and marketing, turning engaged users into significant financial returns.