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Written word speaks volumes for the brand

Maeve Hosea

New research suggests that ’likes’ and clicking links online are not enough to ensure long-term sales. Brands need to get people typing comments and more involved with content if they are to turn them into customers. The consumers who most actively use branded social media content are the ones most likely to maintain a relationship […]


Data matches daters

Maeve Hosea

As the internet dating market continues to grow, online matching services are employing increasingly sophisticated data analysis techniques to find the perfect partner for their users.


Tv spots paint false image of material girls

Maeve Hosea

Consumer brands are failing to benefit from the significant spending power of the over 50s market, which includes Madonna, because TV advertising is failing to connect with the sector. TV advertising is failing to make an impact with almost two-thirds of over 50s, according to data seen exclusively by Marketing Week, which reveals that 63% […]


Open or mark as junk? the state of play in email

Maeve Hosea

Coupled with the right insight, email marketing is an effective way of engaging existing and prospective customers with your brand. Marketing professionals discuss email marketing in a multichannel environment, including the role of social media and how to work effectively with data.


More power to your inbox

Maeve Hosea

Email may no longer be the only digital channel for brand marketing, says Maeve Hosea, but it still packs a powerful punch when integrated effectively in the new media sphere