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Metro Bank

Metro Bank chairman Anthony Thomson tells Michael Nutley how he used the retail model and his experience as a marketer to create a customer-focused business that is like no other bank.

Mapping out the high street


Consumers are increasingly happy to receive marketing messages via their mobile phones, as long as they offer something of specific, targeted value. Location-based marketing is a great way for brands to do just that

This is the year to take mobile more seriously


Mobile marketing has come of age thanks to social search, targeting and the ever-growing popularity of smartphones. A new advertising medium only comes of age when it discovers the thing it can do that no other medium in the market can. Before that point, it’s just a case of importing other advertising models. Take online. […]

Is your brand a data have or have-not? Time will tell you

Timeliness is becoming the determining factor for online success, but the data systems required to achieve it are creating a digital divide. Data is the great obsession of interactive marketing. At first, unprecedented measurability was the great claim of internet advertising. More recently battles have been fought over how much data people are prepared to […]

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