Nicola Smith


Fast response calms riot fears

Nicola Smith

The riots that rocked London last summer caused widespread panic. Nicola Smith reveals how one council’s use of social media to stop the hysteria spreading led to it doubling its Twitter followers and boosting residents’ trust.


Reasons to be appy…

Nicola Smith

An effective app can enhance a business in a variety of ways but with so many available, brands must ensure that their creations are popular and that they keep customers engaged.


Earn trust to earn customer data

Nicola Smith

Capturing relevant data from customers is key to building sales and loyalty but people need to trust the companies they deal with before they give them access to their personal information.


Cookies outlook begins to clear

Nicola Smith

The EU’s ePrivacy Directive on how consumers’ data is stored and used by website owners came into force last month. Nicola Smith looks at how brands are interpreting the terms of the ‘cookie law’, and putting that into practice.

just married

Marriage of minds

Nicola Smith

Harvesting intelligent data about customers has increasingly become vital to the marketing function. Here, three CMOs and their information technology and data counterparts reveal how they have made dynamic partnerships.

Mr Mrs Smith

Be a social media climber

Nicola Smith

Managing your brand’s reputation online has got a whole lot harder now that social media comments have a bearing on search results. Nicola Smith talks to top brands on how they stay prominent in listings, particularly with the arrival of Google+


Data holds key to the future

Nicola Smith

Predictive analytics enables companies that have gathered high quality data about customers’ past and present behaviour to reduce churn and save on marketing by anticipating what they will do in the future.


The power of film

Nicola Smith

Online video is predicted to capture 32% of online display spend by 2015. Nicola Smith looks at the innovations brands are using to make their video content stand out and reach the right people