Ruth Mortimer

Editor of Marketing Week and content director for Centaur Marketing (Econsultancy, Marketing Week, Creative Review, Design Week, Celebrity Intelligence, Fashion Monitor, Year Ahead and Foresight News).

Ruth Mortimer on opt-in clauses

Ruth Mortimer

Iain Tait from the digital agency Poke raised an interesting point on his blog after discovering Starbucks forces customers using its Wi-Fi facility to “accept the terms and conditions and agree to receive email marketing from BT Group companies”.

Ruth Mortimer

Turn creativity into strategy for success

Ruth Mortimer

One of my favourite pastimes is visiting the “Fail Blog”. This cheeky website started an online phenomenon by cataloguing moments of failure from around the world. The “fails” on the site include people falling over, crashing cars or just getting things wrong in a humorous way.

A new era of research

Ruth Mortimer

Research company GfK NOP’s global director for online development, Mike Cooke, explains the four key trends of ‘Research 2.0’.

Pizza Hut’s rebranding is stale

Ruth Mortimer

It was with a sinking heart that I noticed something odd while flicking through a friend’s holiday snaps online. As part of his road trip around the US, he had stopped outside a restaurant called The Hut. Clutching a pizza in his slightly sunburnt hand, it dawned on me that The Hut was yet another marketing initiative from the folks at Pizza Hut.

Create element of excitement

Ruth Mortimer

Despite people saying they are altering their lifestyles to counter the effects of the recession, Ruth Mortimer discovers that while price may have some effect on behaviour it is aspects that arouse consumers’ emotions that marketers must focus on

Insurer puts premium on marketing culture

Ruth Mortimer

Seven years ago, Zurich insurance was not a healthy brand. The business had become bloated with expansion and posted first-half losses for 2002 of $2.03bn. The chief executive was axed and in the words of current chief marketing officer Arun Sinha (pictured): “It hit the brakes and was on the edge of a precipice.”


John Lewis is anything but beige

Ruth Mortimer

Every week, someone complains to me that marketers are full of bullshit. The charges read as follows: they talk in jargon; they are always spinning everything to be positive; and they never tell the truth. So when a marketing director has the gumption to outline some potential flaws for his brand and detail how he […]

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