Steve Hemsley

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Voucher growth defies loyalty critics

Steve Hemsley

Loyalty rewards are a key factor in attracting consumers but as it is now much easier to find offers, brands need to innovate to keep their customers. And with a savvy younger generation of shoppers who know what they want, retailers need to work harder to earn loyalty.

Customer loyalty

How brands can build love and loyalty

Steve Hemsley

It has never been so difficult for brands to retain loyalty from business customers and consumers alike. Service, ease of doing business and the number of touchpoints involved can all combine to encourage people to stick with, or switch from, a brand creating several challenges for senior marketers.

data harvest
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Data collection gets innovative

Steve Hemsley

Brands are looking at ever more innovative ways to collect consumer data – from QR codes attached to gravestones to vending machines that inform future fizzy drink flavours, but consumers are demanding a fair exchange for their information.


Bringing a brand to life

Steve Hemsley

Social video can be a cost-effective route to building relationships and conversations with consumers locally and internationally – but the content and concept must be clever and relevant, finds Steve Hemsley.

Big is beautiful

Who says big can’t be beautiful?

Steve Hemsley

Organisations that fail to take big data seriously will not only be at a competitive disadvantage, but also less innovative and productive and unable to offer their customers the added value they crave.


Computer says ‘no’, but does anyone agree?

Steve Hemsley

Technology may be essential for analysing consumers’ online habits but can it really predict the erratic nature of human behaviour and thoughts? There are fears that marketers are failing to trust their own gut instincts and putting too much reliance on data analytics.


Ecommerce: making online shopping unique

Steve Hemsley

Personal shopper: ecommerce is witnessing a data-driven collision between content and commerce as an increasing number of branded websites turn to curation techniques to make online shopping a deeply individual activity

More Than

Joining the search

Steve Hemsley

While brands seem to have been slow to make the connection between offline activity and online search, consumers haven’t. Steve Hemsley looks at how companies can link all marketing to boost onand offline sales.

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