Sarah Potts

Aimia white paper: the Four Future – digital loyalty survey

Sarah Potts

The marketing world is on the cusp of a revolution — one that will create entirely new business models, technologies and channels that will find brands interacting with their customers with new levels of relevance and immediacy. The advent of big data promises ever more insight into consumer behaviours, attitudes and aspirations. Couple this data explosion with a rapidly expanding array of communications channels, and we may herald the arrival of a new golden age of marketing. Or, if marketers chase short-term monetisation of data and exploit these new channels regardless of consumer preference and control, then we might find ourselves in a marketing dystopia. But how can we know that we’re on the right path?

Research Now white paper: a multi-dimensional view of the digitally engaged consumer

Sarah Potts

This paper examines work that has been carried out in support of a single-source methodology in order to understand how, when applied to consumers’ devices, the new research tracking technologies complement and enhance the traditional survey question approach. The aim of this research is to better understand the complex world of multiple devices and how consumers engage with them to establish standards for a research methodology to assess the current multi-channel branding and communication efforts.

Mash UK white paper: 5 ways of making insight the lead catalyst for change in your business

Sarah Potts

It’s not that we don’t value insights; we believe insights, and those who uncover them, should be the lead catalysts for change in any business. And change is essential as businesses pursue increasingly aggressive growth targets while facing evolving models of brand building, disruptive technologies and shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour that happen over a matter of years, not generations. Behaviours, trends and reputations are fluid and the rules of the game are seemingly constantly rewritten.

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