Stuart Smith

Consultant Editor

Big Mac

Blame it on Big Food

Stuart Smith

The scientific rationale for obesity in Western society has a crucial flaw – it credits humans with equal intelligence to a pet cat.

It’s brand apocalypse now for general motors

Stuart Smith

Brand owners are not unlike householders in their response to a prolonged recession. We start by making small economies, but essentially carry on as before in the belief that happier times will soon return. When they don’t, the realisation gradually dawns that sterner, life-changing measures are the price of survival. Out goes private education for the kids and exotic holidays; four bedrooms slim down to three and the Merc is quietly exchanged for a second-hand Passat Estate.

Why the future of Google is a question of leadership

Stuart Smith

Google is right to install an Apple-style leader – he could be a major asset in the fight against its fiercest competitor, Facebook. Squint quickly at the publicity pictures of Larry Page, newly appointed head honcho at Google, and you’ll spot more than a passing resemblance to the young Steve Jobs. The same Jobs who, […]

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