Stuart Turner

Not just a pretty face

Stuart Turner

Perricone MD, the US skincare brand at the cutting edge of the ‘cosmeceutical’ trend, has come to the UK, with a campaign that eschews the perceived wisdom of using ‘a beautiful face’ to sell the products.

Subway cuts salt by 19%

Stuart Turner

Subway has reduced salt levels in its sub sandwiches by an average of 19% as part of its Health & Wellbeing Commitments drawn up last year in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Choice question: Networking has long influenced women’s decisions

Mums and the word

Stuart Turner

Reading the Trends article “Making your messages strike home” (MW 17 September), I was struck by how mums as consumers are really, of course, just women as consumers, amplified.

Make sense of brand promise

Stuart Turner

So, according to the Promise Index, (MW last week) marketers are starting to realise that big advertising spend, when you haven’t got the basics right, is a waste of money. In fact it’s worse than that. If the consumer experience isn’t consistent with the brand promise, it doesn’t just waste money – it fundamentally damages the brand.

Putting some fizz into drinks marketing

Stuart Turner

At the Zurich-based launch of Coca-Cola’s marketing plans for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Mark Choueke sits down for a chat with Joseph Tripodi, chief marketing officer, who explains the brand’s view of how modern sponsorships should work

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