Tina Desai

Say it again and again with a Coke

Tina Desai

There is a lot of debate around whether Coca-Cola should be repeating its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, however it is not unique in doing so. Another strong brand that repeats successful campaigns is Starbucks. By doing so, it has created seasonal associations that are now ownable (red cups at Christmas, receipts for iced drinks in […]

Protecting workers’ rights

Tina Desai

It was refreshing to see a balanced view of zero-hour contracts (Making flexible staff work for your brand). These contracts are so often vilified in the media yet are crucial not only to experiential agencies but also the staff who work with them.  From students working their way through university, jobbing actors and dancers to […]

Sony right to take stand

Tina Desai

I couldn’t help feeling a little incensed by Mark Ritson’s ‘Caveat Patronus – let FIFA Sponsors Beware’. The question isn’t whether Sony has the right to demand such behaviours. Rather, it is about the most basic of ethical behaviours that we all expect of the organisations we work with: transparency, openness, and honesty. We now […]

Whatsapp it all about? Data

Tina Desai

Any efforts to integrate advertising on the WhatsApp platform will negate the user-experience and most likely drive people away.  So what is the commercial advantage of paying such a high price for the company? As Lara’ O’Reilly’s article states, this must be rooted in the value of WhatsApp’s customer data set. The purchase has now […]


Can context enable customisation without being seen as ‘creepy’?

Tina Desai

It is getting more difficult to persuade customers to give us their personal data. Are they more worried about privacy and security after the revelations of Edward Snowden? Are they wary that marketers will relentlessly spam them once we have their details? Or do they find it too difficult to hand over data on their mobile devices? 

Mark Ritson

Does your CEO surpass the Windows test?

Tina Desai

How do you know if your chief executive is crap? It’s a question rarely asked by those further down the organisational ladder – especially humble marketers. The combination of corporate culture, dissonance reduction and internal propaganda usually befuddle most employees into believing that their ultimate boss is an amazing, charismatic genius who can do no wrong.

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