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Social media will be the killer channel, but first…

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Facebook is right to highlight the influence that social media is having on marketing strategies (MWlinks.co.uk/FBPage). It is clear that social is quickly emerging as the killer outbound channel for driving customers to other acquisition avenues. Brands that can engage customers in social media by delivering relevant information in real time develop the ability to […]

Apple true to core values

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Hell hath no fury like an Apple iPhone owner scorned as the fierce debate around Mark Ritson’s recent column shows. He suggested the iPhone has no appeal to under-25s. Read the column at www.mwlinks.co.uk/AppleTrap and some of the online responses below. Should we not be more interested in what youngsters want to own? I am […]

Why we have to champion social change

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Can marketing overcome its trust issues? (MWlinks.co.uk/MarketingTrust). There comes a time with every product – or in this case profession – when it’s necessary to re-evaluate the brand. Sometimes it’s because a brand is viewed negatively, and other times it’s because people just don’t know what the brand does, or means. Marketing is suffering from […]

Big brands turn to agencies for more creative solutions

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While your cover story about big brands turning to entrepreneurs for innovation (MW last week) focused on organisations harnessing the entrepreneurial mindset in their businesses, this trend has gone one step further and big brands are increasingly turning to agile and innovative consultancies to make their communications relevant, up-to-date and exciting. This presents amazing opportunities […]

Adding value will maintain margins

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It is increasingly clear that brands can’t continue with price-focused marketing activity. Value-added promotions are a way of increasing brand awareness and sales while maintaining margins and avoiding price wars. Bogofs and other price promotions are instantly forgotten, whereas a promotion offering an aspirational reward, such as vouchers for money-off holidays or restaurants can deliver […]

Marketers must harness data explosion

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Michael Nutley’s article on why marketers must look to new places to turn data into treasure (MWlinks.co.uk/DataTreasure) fails to address how we harness this explosion of data and use it as a marketing tool. It is true that we know more than ever before about our consumers and that as the number of platforms through […]

Brands must stay true to core values

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I was disappointed to see that John Lewis intends to pump more money into its ‘price match’ (MW last week). The Never Knowingly Undersold slogan should be more than just about price. John Lewis marketing director Craig Inglis says it is “rooted in the brand”, and it is admirable that he is willing to stick […]

Insurers use data to retain customers

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The latest Financial Services Tracker (www.mwlinks.co.uk/ MediaSpend) highlights the importance of brand power in the face of lower consumer spending. Over the past few years, more and more low-cost brands have entered the insurance market and in such a price sensitive space have easily taken market share. However, as your article referenced, the current climate […]

Seven-a-side player search

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The National Advertising Benevolent Society is holding a celebration dinner for its annual seven-a-side rugby tournament on Monday 23 April at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, and the organisers are keen to trace players from previous years, especially those who have moved from the agency to the client side. For further details please contact l.morris@nabs.org.uk or […]

How to be the third wheel on social media platforms

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It is possible for brands to provide useful content or experiences on social media platforms (MW 8 March) by using incentivised advertising formats. Engaged adverts can generate a return on investment for both parties. For example, in return for participating in a brand’s communication on Facebook, the user can receive free game credits. When used […]

On-pack codes are generating in-store data

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The work being done by MySupermarket.co.uk to capture data from consumers at the time of their online purchase (www.mwlinks.co.uk/ShopperData) is a great example of how brands can derive insight and as such fills a real need in the grocery space. However, brands still struggle to derive similar behavioural data for in-store purchases because the majority […]

Why design is a licence for thieves

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I was glad to see the flag being flown for effective design in your Industry Attitudes article (MW 1 March), but what left me slightly saddened – albeit with a wry grin – were the responses to the question: Where do you seek design inspiration? Clients call for stand-out, but your survey says that everyone […]

Inconveniences are engagement tools

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What they actually are is brands and businesses implementing well thought through approaches to engage with exactly the type of people who will benefit most from their offerings. It’s a means of user “self-selection”, with the strategic balance carefully weighted towards quality versus quantity and it is an approach any user experience marketer will tell […]

Brands must behave like online friends

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Mark Ritson reports that Facebook vice-president of global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson wants social media users to “think of brands as people” (MW 8 March). Although this idea may stretch the imagination at first, it is not beyond belief. We want to spend time with our human friends because they add to our social experience, […]

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