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How viral video could do more than a TV ad

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A successful viral video can help brands engage with consumers on a much larger scale than a TV ad, and is much cheaper to produce. Sean Hargrave looks at the best formula to give videos the contagious nature they need.

Social media is opportunity to interact with customers

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The perceived lack of effectiveness conveyed by the CIM’s social media report (Cover Story, MW 16 February) suggests that many marketers fail to understand what their customers are actually using social media for. If marketers are solely focused on using Facebook and Twitter as an acquisition tool then they will be disappointed. Our Global Perspectives […]

Paper-based vouchers are still dominant

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No less than 85% of the £4bn a year UK gift card and voucher market is represented by paper-based vouchers and gift cards. In fact, 2011 saw a growth in the number of paper-based vouchers purchased, which likely reflects the wider economy as businesses incorporate employee incentive and engagement schemes, and reward staff with gift […]

Amping up experience in music festivals

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We were struck by much in the ‘Brands and bands make music festival experience’ article (MWlinks.co.uk/FestivalExperience), especially the comment by Giles Fitzgerald: “Today’s increasingly discerning festivalgoer is looking for experiences that offer additional value beyond the main stage line-up; activities they can stamp their own individual mark on.” This idea resonates with us as we […]

Will Apple take a bite out of ITV?

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We were mulling over the subject of an Apple move into TV at the Royal Television Society Convention in Cambridge in September last year, so it was interesting to read Mark Ritson’s take (MWlinks.co.uk/RitsonITV). Some of the financial media journalists were saying it made sound economic sense for Apple. Clearly there are going to be […]

Brand ambassadors are your canaries not commodities

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I was enjoying Michael Nutley’s column (MWlinks.co.uk/MappingTool) until the last couple of paragraphs and his throwaway comment that brand enthusiasts who have quit the community can typically be bought back with “a few kind words and some branded items”. This is exactly the kind of attitude that holds marketing back from any semblance of the […]

HMV’s multichannel focus is not enough

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Like many of our high street names it’s good to see HMV has woken up to the need to position itself as a multichannel retailer (MWlinks.co.uk/ HMVMultichannel) but as a latecomer to digital services, it really needs to go beyond its more advanced competitors by embracing an innovative approach. Bundling physical with digital misses the […]

Putting noble back into marketing

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Hats off to Unilever, which has gone against the grain to call for a much-needed overhaul of the nature of the marketing profession (MWlinks.co.uk/Unilever Noble). I wholeheartedly agree that the current fabric of marketing is based on price alone and the weave now needs to reflect the increasing appetite of consumers for value added extras. […]

Long live the Secret Marketer

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Dear Secret Marketer, it is with regret that I read you are departing after three years (MWlinks.co.uk/SecretMarketer). Your column has given me great pleasure over that time and I will miss your insight and humour – this comes from a sales director too! Best regards and good luck to your successor. Paul TynanSales directorCereal Partners […]

Make the most of vouchers and incentives with mobile

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Marketers will never capitalise on the growing voucher and incentive market if they continue to ignore the mobile channel (www.mwlinks.co.uk/DealChasers). To engage consumers with their brand, marketers should be striving to bridge the gap between the high street and online/ mobile technology can be used to drive customers in store and secure customer loyalty. Smartphones […]

Groupon needs to focus on real deals

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Groupon may be refocusing its marketing efforts from customer recruitment to retention, but will this really help in its efforts to ‘shore up future custom’ (www.mwlinks.co.uk/GrouponCuts)? With consumers continuing to tighten their purse strings, the brands that are successful will be those offering discounts that are relevant in terms of product, brand and timing. It’s […]

New BlackBerry leader must rediscover the brand’s USP

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Given BlackBerry’s poor performance, the double departure of brand owner Research In Motion’s co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie (MWlinks.co.uk/ BBCEO) smacks more of a quick dash for the exit rather than what the former describes as “passing the baton”. One of the problems is that the BlackBerry brand has lost its USP. Rival instant […]

Contactless payments need a push

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Tom Gregory from Barclaycard is right in saying that driving awareness is key to increasing take-up of contactless payment (‘Brands get behind push for contactless’, MW 19 January) but it’s not the only factor. More card providers must give their users the opportunity to use contactless payment, and more retailers must accept this payment method, […]


Cheap date wrong way to build trust

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I couldn’t agree more with Branwell Johnson’s leader column (MW last week) that brand trust is absolutely critical for today’s premium brands. However, it strikes me that this is particularly pertinent given the increasingly loud signals being sent out by deals websites such as Groupon, which serve to devalue the customer relationship by encouraging promiscuous […]

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