Automation expands bureaux boundaries

New solutions aimed at automating classic database bureau operations are pushing out the boundaries of what marketers can do from their desktop, following launches by meta-morphix and Callcredit Information Group.

Inline is a new self-service data processing solution that complements the existing meta-morphix online service, while CIG has introduced a version of aimed at resellers and agencies who want to white label their data cleansing and enhancing services.

“What a lot of clients want to do is just send their data, specify what they want doing and have it done,” says Rob Salmon, managing director of meta-morphix. “A lot of clients know what they want and don’t need to respecify the job.”

Inline allows for routine data processing, cleaning and enhancing using bespoke set-up and back-end reporting, all within a completely automated environment accessed via a web-based interface. Data is uploaded and downloaded via a secure FTP portal. “They just have to provide a consistent format of data,” notes Salmon. This cuts out the data preparation stage which has been estimated to take up to 30 per cent of processing effort. is based on Core, the 42 million prospect pool created by CIG, combined with suppression files and Cameo classifications. Agencies and other intermediaries can create a bespoke interface and pay for data cleaning and enhancements on a per-use basis.

“We’re confident that this iteration of will be a success amongs the reseller community,” says Nick Henthorn, head of direct sales at CIG. “Early feedback is already very positive. What is important about this product is that it is dynamic. We will be working collaboratively with our clients to evolve the offering as per their comments and needs.”



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