‘Average senior marketer salary drops £5k’

Around 18,500 new marketing jobs have been created in the past year as two fifths of companies in the UK increased the size of their marketing departments, according to a report from specialist recruiter EMR.


The 2012-13 Salary and Market Trends Report found that while the boost in the number of roles may benefit the wider economy, individual marketers’ salaries have dropped as a result.

The average salary for senior marketers in the UK fell to £50,832 in 2012, down from £55,317 in 2011. The average bonus per employee has dropped one percentage point year on year to £7,161.

Marketers with post-graduate degrees are paid £9,000 more on average than those with undergraduate qualifications. The salary premium could extend even further in the coming years as fewer marketers opt to take post-graduate degrees in light of recent fee increases, the report suggested.

On a positive note, the increase in headcount across the industry led to 65 per cent of marketers that responded to EMR’s survey stating they felt secure in their job. More than a third (37 per cent) of marketers said they expect their department to take on additional staff next year.

Simon Bassett, managing director of EMR, says marketing is often seen as a “canary for the rest of the economy” as its disciplines are often the first to be cut, but the reverse is true when economic growth is on the horizon and businesses are looking to increase their market share.

He adds: “While a bonus pot slightly down on last year might seem tough for marketing professionals, they can be comforted that they’re in an industry more focused on growth than survival.”

As some companies have been looking to expand, their reach in recent months, many companies have brought on board interim marketing specialists to develop their growth strategies. These high level temporary staff have been commanding an average daily rate of £430 and a fifth (22 per cent) are working within the finance and insurance industries.

EMR polled 1,625 “senior marketers” online to conduct its report.

The 2012 Marketing Week/Ball & Hoolahan Salary survey, released in January this year, found the average salary for a marketing director was £77,799. The report found marketing managers commanded an average wage of £37,305.



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