Avios campaign takes flight

The Avios loyalty scheme ad has been catching attention for its inventive approach featuring everyday objects lifting off the ground.


The “Anything Can Fly” campaign was designed to launch a new brand, which brought a whole set of challenges for The Mileage Company and its agency 101. It had to establish a tone of voice for the brand and capture the emotion of flying.

The company also didn’t want to refer to Avios as a rebrand for AirMiles and historical baggage but move the story on.

The spot could be a Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012 winner in the Advertising category as the eligibility period runs until 17 January 2012. But so could many other campaigns launched in the past year. If you think that your brand’s advertising work displays both creativity and has a direct correlation with boosting the bottom line, then make sure you enter the Engage Awards 2012. Click here to enter.