AXA healthcare readies private medical cover push

AXA PPP is positioning as the “cost effective” alternative to the under-pressure NHS with a multimedia campaign to drive take-up of private medical cover.

The “Treadmill” campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi – will focus on the private healthcare company’s lower cost cover offer, the 6-week option, and how it helps people “secure the medical care they need”.

Cheryl Toner, group marketing and communication director of parent group AXA UK, says: “At a time when there is uncertainty over the NHS’ capability to meet increasing demands for its services, access to timely treatment is becoming a more important consideration.

“The new AXA PPP campaign highlights imaginatively the pressure that people can feel when trying to get the care that they need, while highlighting the affordability of AXA PPP’s private healthcare cover.”

Television advertisements feature “Suzie”, a woman in her mid-30s, stepping off the “treadmill” and “world of confusion and fear” to the “enlightened, supportive world of AXA PPP private medical care”, the company says.

AXA PPP is part of AXA UK, which also offers insurance, health care, investment, pension, life insurance and wealth management services.

Last week, the company announced that Toner’s group chief marketing role will expand by assuming overall responsibility for AXA Wealth’s new market proposition.

The campaign breaks 3 October. Media planning and buying for the campaign was handled by MPG.


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