B2B brands: the Creative View from Pitch

B2B brands are those that have best noticed the recent shifts in spending power and modified their marketing efforts accordingly, says Joe Fernandez.


Recent ad campaigns have become more personable and investment has been ploughed into sponsorship to enhance their global exposure at high profile spectator events.

IBM’s prestige in the advertising industry is unquestionable. Armed with a $500m (£310m) global advertising budget, it has worked closely with agency Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide to position its brand in a way that resonates with its entire customer base. It is using its Smarter Planet initiative to show how its systems are helping people work in a more efficient way.

Fergus O’Hare, associate creative director at Ogilvy Paris, explains: “Smarter Planet works well because it tells complex stories in a simple way that everyone from the man on the-street to the corporate chief executive will understand. It shows smart things happening around the world in a simple but graphic way.”

Such strategies can be seen with other brands on the list. The agency also worked on the We Love Logistics global campaign for UPS.

O’Hare notes that the “light, playful tone with the complex global message is a good evolution for UPS.”

For these firms, B2B may be their biggest revenue driver, but the need to please the average consumer will continue to fuel their advertising in future.

To view more of Ogilvy & Mather’s campaigns, go to www.mwlinks.co.uk/Ogilvy



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