B2B profiling by SOC system launched

Market Location has introduced a new business profiling technique which applies Standard Occupational Classification codes to target organisations by job function. The system has been developed inhouse and integrates multiple sources of B2B data to generate a fresh insight into UK plc.

Pinpoint SOC is intended to help improve the performance of B2B marketing activity through better targeting. Using job function will determine how appropriate products and services are to a target, rather than applying whole-company demographics or other data.

Chris Fricker, principal consultant at Market Location, says: “This unique approach to using SOC codes has the potential to reinvigorate B2B targeting.

Understanding potential customers based on insight into their particular job function makes it possible to tailor marketing messages and products perfectly. We are the first and only data provider or bureau in the UK offering this targeting enhancement.”

The system has already been tested with live clients. SOC codes are available for over 350 job functions on 25 million employees in the UK. By marrying this with conventional SIC codes, the make-up of target businesses by potential number of relevant job functions at any given location.


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