B2E: more than just another fashion week

Nick Wake hit the nail on the head with his observation that when it comes to encouraging employees to “live the brand”, it is essential to “create an environment where they can make a contribution and feel good about it” (I vow to thee my company, MW July 7).

Internal employee recognition programmes (or B2E programmes) are seen by many enlightened companies as a vital tool to engage and motivate employees in their business. However, the danger is that all too often, these programmes are seen to be “this month’s fashion” and are not carried through in the long term.

To be effective, there needs to be a complete change of culture in a company, in which everyone desires to live the company’s vision and values. Success can only be achieved by changing people’s attitudes to their work, their colleagues, their employer and then ultimately their brand.

Graham Povey

Managing director

Capital Incentives & Motivation



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