BA attacked for promoting blood sports

British Airways has been attacked for promoting blood sports on its website by animal action group Animal Defenders International (ADI). BA’s site features the Nocturnal Flamenco Bullfighting festival and the Quito Bullfighting Fair as tourist attractions on its online destination guide section for Quito, Ecuador. According to ADI the company describes the fair as a “veritable Kama Sutra of bull-slaying” and a “fascinating spectacle”.

ADI chief executive Jan Creamer says: “It is a disgrace that a major airline sees fit to promote the public torture of animals as a tourist attraction. To promote such cruelty and degradation is out of step with the corporation’s claim ‘to respect and care’ about the world, let alone British public opinion. These animals are goaded, spiked with lances, harpooned and finally killed, either in the ring or dragged outside, half dead, to be unceremoniously finished off out of view. Bulls are not the only casualties either, as hundreds of horses are also gored and killed each year.

“We urge people to stop flying with BA until they stop promoting torture to animals as a form of entertainment”.
The bullfighting season hits Quito in December and lasts for ten days with daily bullfights.
BA was unavailable to comment.


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