BA identity is a tail of ‘can do’

Is there still so much of the “can’t do” mentality in the UK that it can get to the spirit of that passionate and gifted designer Marcello Minale?

British Airways’ new look is a breakthrough for “can do” in Britain. Bob Ayling should be congratulated.

Of course, it’s not to everybody’s taste. An identity as original as this will lead many designers to see details they would like to change.

Very little in design is new and when, like BA’s identity, it is, of course there is a lot of criticism.

BA’s “world tails” will grow on us. They will evolve into an ever more magnificent collection of images that celebrate diverse cultures. Despite Marcello’s concerns I’m sure that, like BA itself, they will go from strength to strength.

Michael Wolff

Past president of Chartered Society of Designers

The Fourth Room

London W11


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