BA launches Terminal 5 customer opinion website

British Airways is launching a website dedicated to customer opinions of Terminal 5. The site, which launches today (November 17), will be based on “mood research” conducted at the airport.

The site will have the strapline “What’s the word on T5?” and will be supported through a digital campaign across national newspaper websites, and search engines including MSN, Yahoo! and AOL. The online campaign has been created by

The site will feature passengers’ responses to research conducted in the airport. Passengers who take the survey describe their experience from five options such as happy, excited, calm, impressed, frustrated, disappointed and angry.

Depending on their reaction, the weather featured through the terminal’s windows will change reflecting the chosen mood, and will be accompanied by music composed specifically for the site.

BA will encourage consumers to look out for the researchers through integrated communication to its passengers before they travel.


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