BA shows branding campaign clip on Facebook

British Airways (BA) has launched a teaser ad on Facebook featuring a pilot walking towards a bi-plane in the pioneering days of aviation to trail its forthcoming brand campaign.

The Facebook ad shows just a few seconds of footage from the campaign that the airline hopes will position BA as the world’s foremost trusted and reliable airline.

The teaser features the time and date for the unveiling of the finished campaign on Facebook : 11 am on September 21.

The campaign is being developed by BBH. It has been overseen by managing director of brands and customer experience Frank van der Post and head of brands, insight and customer proposition Abi Comber.

Initial brand work was carried out last year by head of global marketing Kerris Bright, who left the company in February and is yet to be replaced.

The airline has just begun a pilot recruitment campaign using a Youtube film as the main vehicle.

The seeding of the Facebook campaign is being undertaken by the agency Being.



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