BA takes aim at low-cost rivals

British Airways is again taking aim at Ryanair and Easyjet with a campaign that attempts to contrast the value of its all-inclusive fares with the add-ons of low-cost carriers.


The BBH created activity aims to highlight the carrier’s service credentials. Executions focus on the free food and drink offered, baggage allowance and comfortable seating offered on short-hail flights.

BA’s head of brands and marketing Abigail Comber told Marketing Week the campaign is an attempt to highlight the “real differentiation points about flying BA versus flying with low-cost carriers” by pointing out the value and price transparency it offers.

The aggressive attempt to highlight the stealth charges used by no-frills rivals is the second in three years. A campaign trumpeting BA’s online “value calculator” ran in 2009.

It is the first major activity since the highly regarded “Support the Home Team” Olympic activation campaign. The London 2012 ads followed last year’s “To Fly. To Serve” brand campaign, which is credited with driving a significant uplift in BA’s brand perception.

Comber adds: “After the Olympics we want to get back to ‘this is what we do everyday’. The message is that everyday we have got this covered, everyday we think this is important.”

Outdoor activity launches this week followed by television, radio and online ads on 22 October.



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