BA to relaunch Executive Club

British Airways is relaunching its Executive Club loyalty scheme in July, after merging the five regional schemes into a global programme.

BA currently runs five programmes under the Executive Club name in different territories, but the schemes vary in the benefits they offer and the number of miles needed to claim them.

The initiative is designed to ensure consistency, to simplify Executive Club qualifying rules and to make it easier to use the BA Miles currency. The move will also save BA money – the five Executive Clubs use three different IT platforms.

Executive Club members will now be able to use BA Miles to upgrade eligible tickets, and will be able to combine cash and BA Miles to buy a ticket. Families will be able to collect and redeem BA Miles collectively.

The airline is also reducing the number of days it takes to buy a ticket using miles, from a fortnight to three days.

The changes have been put together by sales and marketing teams across the airline, overseen by BA senior manager for loyalty Chris Jansen. The changes include a redesign of the BA Executive Club card. At present, the club has 1.5 million members, banded into gold, silver and blue card-holders.

Tullo Marshall Warren has created a direct mail campaign to inform members of the changes.


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