Baars launches 3m push for new cheese

A new cheese called Maidwell, specifically created for the UK market, is being launched by Baars UK, part of Baars International.

Maidwell, which tastes like cheddar, will be available in resealable packaging.

“Cheddar is a significant part of the UK cheese market and has experienced growth during the past year,” says Marco Tiggelman, sales and marketing manager for Baars UK. “Through research we have identified further potential in the pre-packed sector.” The launch is being supported by a 3m advertising campaign, which will include TV, press and posters.

Delaney Fletcher Bozell has won the creative account and BJK&E Media will handle media strategy and planning.

Baars International is a division of the Bolswessanen Group, one of the leading food and drink companies in Europe.


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