Babycham promo to win limited edition glasses

Babycham, the 50-year old sparkling perry brand, is launching an on-pack promotion to boost sales and brand awareness in the run up to Christmas.

The competition to win one of 2,500 pairs of limited edition Babycham glasses will run across four-packs of 20ml Babycham and hopes to reach 1 million consumers throughout the festive season.

Babycham has released a limited edition glass every year since 1953. This year’s glasses feature the brand’s ‘chamois’ deer icon with ‘Babycham 2010’ in gold lettering on the stem.

The promotion is designed to support sales during the Christmas period, when the brand typically sees a fifteen fold sales increase as the number of stockists double.

Babycham was the first alcoholic drinks brand to advertise on commercial television, in the UK, historically targeting young women.

Clare Griffiths, Constellation Europe VP European consumer marketing says: “This promotion will further cement the brands popularity at this key sales period and will firmly position Babycham as the original party drink.”  

Babycham is owned by the Constellation Europe group.


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