Bacardi launches Oakheart to take on Morgan’s Spiced

Bacardi is launching a spiced rum variant called Oakheart to cash in the lucrative and growing market for spiced and flavoured rums.


The rum maker will launch a £3m digital, outdoor and experiential campaign to support the launch of Oakheart in October. It will take advantage of Bacardi’s existing partnership with Bauer Media radio and TV channels.

The “Oaktember” campaign will target 18-24 year old males and emphasise the masculinity of the drink through slogans such as “spice things up a bit”, “Stories you can’t tell” and “What happens on our stays on tour”.

Bacardi marketing director Liam Newton says: “It looks strong and has the appearance of a masculine drink but has a sweeter easy to drink taste. Marketers often overcomplicate messages but the advertising is simple and powerful.”

He adds that having an overtly masculine message doesn’t alienate female drinkers in the same way that overtly female messaging does men.

Bacardi plans to introduce branded tankard style glasses for pubs and bars to create interest around the brand and differentiate it from rivals such as Captain Morgan’s and Sailor Jerry’s spiced rums. These will later feature in Bacardi’s Oakheart gift products.

Bacardi also plans to create a raft of digital and viral video content based on the “adventures” of five groups of brand ambassador’s travelling to events around the world such as the Kentucky Derby.

The brand is also in talks with Coca Cola to launch a co-branded promotion for the pub trade to support and encourage drinkers to try “Oak and Coke”.

The spiced rum is currently growing at 24% year on year, outperforming the more established white spirits and gold rum markets currently reporting 0.7% and 8.9% growth respectively.

Oakheart will be available in the on and off trade from September.


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