Bacardi unveils Diet Breezer

Bacardi-Martini is to launch a diet variant of its Bacardi Breezer in a bid to attract females who have avoided drinking the premium packaged spirit (PPS) because of its calorie content.

The drink will be Diet Lemon, and Bacardi-Martini claims this will be the first diet variant for the booming PPS sector. Breezer Diet Lemon will be available from next month in multiple grocers, specialist off-licenses and convenience stores.

Its retail performance will be evaluated before there are any moves to introduce the drink to pubs and bars. A company spokeswoman explains that this reversal of the usual roll-out strategy for an alcohol product is because of the timing of the launch.

She says: “At this time of year more people are staying at home and watching their weight than going out to pubs.”

The ABV (alcohol by volume) of Bacardi Breezer Diet Lemon remains the same as the core product – 5.1 per cent – but it contains only 100 calories and half the sugar of regular Bacardi Breezer. There are no immediate plans to back the product with marketing activity.


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