BACC brings ad guidelines up to date

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) launches new guidelines this week, bringing its advice to advertisers and agencies up to date.

An 80-page Notes of Guidance document includes an easing of the previous ban on promotions involving alcohol, a section covering the portrayal of the elderly in advertising, and clarification on the portrayal of children and toys.

The new guidance reflects current concerns, such as the increase in numbers of complaints about the use of animals in advertising, irrespective of whether complaints have actually led to an ad being banned, says Geoffrey Draughn, deputy head of advertising clearance at the BACC.

“This is something we have been considering for some time,” he adds “In some respects our previous written guidance has been out of date.”

The need for change became even more urgent following the changed role of the BACC, previously known as the ITVA Copy Clearance Department, two years ago.


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