BACC forces Whitbread to rethink TV ads for Flowers

Whitbread’s plan to reposition its Flowers Original cask ale through TV advertising has run into trouble with the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre.

Whitbread had intended to use the tag-line “a damn fine ale”, but this was rejected by the BACC, which deemed “damn” to be a swear word.

Instead, Whitbread is considering changing the line to “a thoroughly decent ale”. But it plans to use the “damn fine ale” line in point-of-sale material.

The company’s agency, Lowe Howard-Spink, also developed a further script which the BACC believes to contravene the River Authorities Act, as it portrays an illegal form of fishing.

There are two other scripts in production and one being written. The ads will build on the theme of “Englishness with a twist”, irreverently portraying the English as phlegmatic in the face of adversity.

The 1.5m national campaign is the first for the Flowers brand. The series of three ads will break in September.


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