Backless, not legless pants

First there was the visible panty line, then the visible thong line, and now there’s no line at all, thanks to the Backless Lingerie Revolution.

Australian grandmother Jan Digney was so shocked to hear that women wearing low-cut trousers preferred to “go commando” rather than risk showing the world their underwear that she decided to do something about it.

Backless Lingerie is about to hit the UK through supplier LoveHoney, in the process placing the poor old VPL under threat of extinction, not to mention the jobs of those poor souls on the picture desk at Heat and Now magazines desperately poring over celebrity snaps in the vain hope of finding any slight imperfection in the appearance of the rich or the famous.

Backless Lingerie even comes with a diagram explaining how to put the underwear on, but oddly (see below) it appears to be targeted at women with no head or feet.


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