Baileys introduces Latte variety to extend appeal

United Distillers & Vintners UK has launched Baileys Latte as part of a drive to increase the appeal of Baileys Irish Cream.

United Distillers & Vintners UK has launched Baileys Latte as part of a drive to increase the appeal of Baileys Irish Cream.

The latte consists of a single expresso and a single shot of Baileys – a mix of Irish cream and Irish whiskey – topped with steamed milk. A recipe is being promoted to 500 bars, in a launch package that includes Baileys latte glasses, quilted latte mats, perspex bar cards and expresso machine magnets.

Don Braden, a spokesman for the Bailey’s brand team, says: “Latte heralds a move into a new arena for Baileys. The brand has always been associated with coffee and Baileys Irish coffees will continue to play an important part after dinner.

“But we’re introducing a new opportunity to sample the brand. What Baileys Latte does is open up the afternoon with a drink that is indulgent but not too strong.”

Since the early Nineties, Baileys has been attempting to expand consumption beyond its initial success as a liqueur. It has introduced the idea of drinking large measures of Baileys with ice in bars and has also stretched the brand into ice cream through a flavour tie-up with Hagen-Dazs. A new TV campaign for the brand began in the UK over Easter, carrying the tagline: “Let Your Senses Guide You.”

In April, UDV opened a “brand experience centre” which includes restaurants, bars and an Irish heritage centre in Dublin. It sells a range of Baileys branded merchandise, from glasses to clothing.


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