Baines & Ernst find 40 per cent more debtors

Debt management company Baines & Ernst has improved its collection rates by relocating 40 per cent of its clients that had been lost.

Using GB Group’s Accelerator e-Trace service, the company has been able to identify where debtors are now living who had disappeared from the companies records.

The system provided Baines & Ernst with a single, secure online interface for tracing individuals usng UK population data, telephone numbers, PAF as well as radius and co-habitant searches. Tracing time was reduced from four weeks to several minutes and led to an increase in profitability for the firm.

“The value GB Accelerator e-Trace delivers is tangible and was key in helping us to make the decision in changing suppliers,” says Vicki Sharplin, inbound collections manager at Baines & Ernst. “It is definitely a more cost-effective service compared to other suppliers. We can locate new contacts for more than 40 per cent of the clients we lose touch with in just a couple of minutes.”

Before overwriting a record with new contact data, the company verifies the information directly with the client. Contact is only made when the company is 100 per cent confident about the details. “It’s such a user-friendly system. The actual start-up took no time at all and we’ve never had to call support,” says Sharplin.


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