Banc to take on Lib Dem account

The Liberal Democrat Party is working with Banc on its creative advertising campaign for the next General Election.

The party is also talking to Bournemouth media agency GJR Advertising about handling its media buying account.

Liberal Democrats director of communications David Walter says: “The Liberal Democrats will fight a positive campaign which does not underestimate the intelligence of the electorate. Banc is in tune with our approach. The agency’s track record, experience and flair are of enormous value to us.”

In the previous General Election, the Liberal Democrats used a creative team put together from a pool of experienced individuals well disposed towards the party.

The Tories also launched an advertising blitz this week with a £1.5m poster campaign created by Yellow M.

These are a series of executions all leading with “You paid the tax”and go on to attack Labour’s performance on NHS waiting lists, teacher and police recruitment and train efficiency.

The Labour Party has yet to unveil its campaign, which is being created by TBWA/London.


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