Bank marketers struggle with customer service vision

Marketers at the UK’s leading banks are at odds with their own customer service teams, who are unable to deliver on marketing strategies, according to a survey.


Research into the relationship between marketing and customer service has found there is a significant gap between the marketers’ vision and the reality of what representatives can deliver.

Software company Chordiant’s 2009 UK Retail Banking Survey shows that 70% of marketers consider customer services to be part of their marketing strategy as financial institutions concentrate on customer retention during the economic downturn.

However, almost half of the customer service representatives said they did not have the software to support them in conversations with customers who want to leave the bank.

Almost 90% of the marketers polled said that the marketing and customer service functions were being integrated – yet only a quarter said the strategies were effectively implemented by customer service representatives.

The survey questioned marketers and customer service representatives from ten of the UK’s leading banks.


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