BARB set to field-test online TV viewing

BARB is set to launch a series of field tests to measure TV viewing via laptops and PCS, making the UK the first country to field-test measurement via such a scheme.

TV viewers
TV viewers

It is recruting a temporary panel for the project, comprising 75 homes, which will each be fitted with a ’virtual meter’ to track viewing and for viewers to register when they’re accessing audiovisual content. The meter is designed to replicate the set-top meter used by BARB’s in-home viewing panel of 5,100 homes.

The field tests will run for six months.

BARB is working with Kantar Media’s TNS to establish the R&D project.

The aim of the panel is to test the meter in real-life situations and assimilate technical, response, data and attitudinal factors that may emerge from the use of this technique. If successful, BARB will consider rolling out the same measurement technique across its main panel.

BARB CEO Bjarne Thelin announced the news at the Future of Broadcasting conference organised by Marketforce and the Institute of Economic Affairs in London today (29 June).

In November 2009, 27% of adults and 40% of young adults (aged between 15 and 34) said they watch TV via the internet, according to BARB.

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